What Is Forex Trading ?

Fri 28 July 2017
By Trey

With this in mind, here's some things you need to know about the currency market, so you can take the next step and start forex trading. A survey conducted in Nigeria in 2008 by a development finance organization, the Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access revealed that about 53.0% of adults were excluded from financial services. The global pursuit of financial inclusion as a vehicle for economic development had a positive effect in Nigeria as the exclusion rate reduced from 53.0 % in 2008 to 46.3 % in 2010.

Some traders are new to forex trading and that is why it is only fair for brokers to provide them with the necessary learning materials that will help them improve their understanding of the market fluctuations and forex trading as a whole. Many brokers allow traders to open a demo account, which will allow them to simulate forex trading without any risk of losing real money. In addition, e-books, videos and even webinars on forex trading are also provided.

Daily currency fluctuations are usually very small. Most currency pairs move less than one cent per day, representing a less than 1% change in the value of the currency. This makes foreign exchange one of the least volatile financial markets around. Therefore, many currency speculators rely on the availability of enormous leverage to increase the value of potential movements. In the retail forex market, leverage can be as much as 250:1. Higher leverage can be extremely risky, but because of round-the-clock trading and deep liquidity , foreign exchange brokers have been able to make high leverage an industry standard in order to make the movements meaningful for currency traders.

Signal receiver” can choose from a range of managers, and select the whose signals they want to receive and copy. When an investor connects to a manager, the manager's orders will automatically be copied into the investor's account. The investor pays the manager a compensations for using the signals - Profit fee and Volume fee.

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Hi Shaul! Thanks very much for the great comment! Glad to see you've been able to pocket some pips since coming here. At this time there is no online course (who knows what the future will hold) but thanks for the trust. For sure…never stop learning. You can focus on a few simple strategies and then just keep improving on it…more so in consistency and risk control. Keep in touch.

The overall feeling among investors about the direction of an asset can be a major influence in any financial market, and forex is no different. If the majority of traders believe a currency is on the way up or down, it can influence others to follow suit.

In Forex, a bar chart is made up of a series of bars. These bars show opening price, closing price, as well as the high and low for the period of the bar. The top of the bar is the highest point the price reached and the bottom shows the lowest price that bar fell. The dash on the left shows the price the bar opened and the dash on the right shows the price the bar closed. Bar charts are also known as OHCL charts (Open, High, Close, Low).

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